WRAP-EM Legal Guide Version 2023


WRAP-EM Legal Guide Version 2023

A guide outlining legal and policy issues related to public health emergency declarations and healthcare response to disaster. Included are legal considerations from the COVID-19 pandemic, licensing, credentialing, and privileging, telehealth, idemnification, family reunification, data, etc.

File Name: WRAP-EM Legal Guide_Version 2023_Final.pdf
Folder: Legal & Policy Guidance
Resource classification
Audience type: Academic Institution,Government Agency,Preparedness Professionals,Healthcare Providers
Resource type: Document (Docx, PDF, Text)
Hazard type: All Hazards,Public Health Emergencies
Published date: 2023
Author: WRAP-EM
EM Phases: Prevention,Mitigation,Preparedness,Response,Recovery
Resource Details
Version: 10
File Size: 1.92 MB
File Type: application/pdf
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Created Date: 10-17-2023
Last Updated Date: 02-14-2024

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