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WRAP-EM Legal Guide Version 2023
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A guide outlining legal and policy issues related to public health emergency declarations and healthcare response to disaster. Included are legal considerations from the COVID-19 pandemic, licensing, credentialing, and privileging, telehealth, idemnification, family reunification, data, etc.

Network for Public Law Region Memo - CSC Legal Factors
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This document provides a list of factors/criteria viewed as both lawful and unlawful for CSC decision-making impacting patients. Developed after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Network for Public Health Law Crisis Standards of Care: Legal Decision Factors
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This memo identifies (1) factors or criteria generally interpreted or viewed as “unlawful” for purposes of Crisis Standards of Care (CSC) decision-making; and (2) remaining lawful bases for which CSC decisions may be made.

ASU - Center for Public Health Law and Policy
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The Arizona State University Center for Public Health Law and Policy provides regular of the Supreme Court Public Health Law Policy Updates. This site links to the most recent one.
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