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New Emergency Department Journal Articles

We are proud to promote the publication of two important journal articles by WRAP-EM affiliated members. Both articles focus on the emergency department (ED) but address two different but prominant concerns: 1. mental health surge and boarding of patients in the ED and 2. cervical spine imaging of pediatric patients.


Dr. Mohsen Saidinejad and colleagues have published Process and Impact of Development of an Adolescent Emergency Psychiatry Unit at a Large Urban Hospital.

The study reported in this article was a proof of concept of developing an adolescent psychiatric emergency unit and assessment of the impact of this unit on lengths of stay (LOS). They authors found the creation of an adolescent psychiatric emergency unit without allocating significant additional resources could be an option to decrease pediatric emergency department (ED) boarding times for adolescent patients requiring ongoing emergent therapy for mental health concerns.

Check out the article here!


Dr. Nicolaus Glomb and colleagues published PECARN prediction rule for cervical spine imaging of children presenting to the emergency department with blunt trauma: a multicentre prospective observational study.

In this article, a paediatric clinical prediction rule that can be incorporated into an algorithm to guide radiographic screening for cervical spine injury among children in the ED was evaluated. It found the cervical spine injury prediction rule showed strong potential for aiding clinicians in determining which children in the ED after blunt trauma should undergo radiographic neck imaging. Implementation of the algorithm could decrease use of unnecessary radiographic testing in the ED and eliminate high-risk radiation exposure. 

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