Pediatric Surge Resources


15 'til 50 MCI Guide for Healthcare Entitities
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The innovative and award winning 15 ’til 50 program is designed to enable hospital staff to receive a surge of 50 or more patients within 15 minutes of notification of a mass casualty incident. This includes the rapid deployment of staff, supplies, and equipment to successfully activate and operate ..

15 'til 50 MCI Plan for Healthcare Entities Template
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A template for 15 'til 50 Plan for Healthcare Entities.The innovative and award winning 15 ’til 50 program is designed to enable hospital staff to receive a surge of 50 or more patients within 15 minutes of notification of a mass casualty incident. This includes the rapid deployment of ..

Curated Resources from National Pediatric Disaster Coalition
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Links to resources related to pediatric surge resources as well as tools for Crisis Standards of Care (CSC), pediatric mental health, and cross training for adult providers.

Essential Elements of Information for Secondary Transport of Pediatric Patients
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This Excel document provides a template that outlines both patient-related and facility-related EEIs. EEIs are pediatric focused, address specific considerations and specialties, and the spreadsheet can be used to capture information in addition to serving as a list of potential EEIs to monitor related to pediatric patient movement.

ICS JAS Pediatric Surge_Advisor SME
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This job action sheet (JAS) was designed to be a resource for a pediatric subject matter expert activated within an ICS structure as a Technical Specialist. The State JAS for Pediatric Surge Advisor outlines potential mission, objective, and supporting tasks of this position which can be adapted for a ..

MN DPH Pediatric Surge Toolkit
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This link provides the pediatric surge toolkit and video introduction. It also offers assessment, planning, education, and response tools and templates.

NPDC Response to ASPR TRACIE PediSurge Resource Request
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A response to California Hospital Association (CHA) Disaster Conference 2022 included pediatric presentations from PDCOEs and WRAP-EM. The document provides an overview of the presentation as well as links to resources

Pediatric Care Coordination Center CONOPS
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Patient Movement EEIs are provided on Page 7, which describes the concept of operations for patient movement in Michigan’s PCCC. Aside from the broad process, it does note specific EEIs related to pediatric patient movement. This can be adapted for use based on the local processes, roles and responsibilities, ..

Pediatric Surge Incident Response Guide Matrix
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The Pediatric Surge Incident Response Guide Matrix outlines a set of 14 potential pediatric surge response functions and their supporting activities. These functions and associated activities can be used to inform the development of incident objectives, strategies, and tactical tasks. Please note: This list is likely not inclusive of ..

Pediatric Surge Recommendations and Resources 11.11.2022
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The recommendations and resources below were compiled by pediatric experts from the Pediatric Pandemic Network, Gulf 7 – Pediatric Disaster Network, Region V for Kids, the Western Regional Alliance for Pediatric Emergency Medicine, and the Emergency Medical Services for Children Innovation and Improvement Center. These ideas and resources are ..

Pediatric Surge Resources List
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Brief descriptions and links to pediatric surge resources developed by WRAP-EM and other entities.

Pediatric Surge Tools from PDCOEs 10-26-22
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A presentation by WRAP-EM members outlining pediatric surge strategies and tools for staff, stuff, and space.

PICU in the MICU - How Adult ICUs Can Support Pediatric Care
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This journal article is on COVID-19 pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) capacity and the use of adult intensive care units (ICUs) to potentially care for children.

WA-EEI-Coalition Pediatric Resources Form 2020
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This resource provides an excel spreadsheet template designed to collect key information related to hospital contact information, current pediatric capacity, number of critical resources, and specialty capabilities. It can be adapted as a template for use within an incident.

WRAP-EM Hospital Reception Site Template
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Provides a template to assist hospitals in developing a plan for Hospital Reception Sites for families in the case of a mass casualty incident or epidemic. These materials are based upon the national Hospital Incident Command System (HICS), with supplement positions and customized practices. The Hospital Reception Site falls ..

WRAP-EM JIT Quick Pediatric Reference Guide for Adult Healthcare Providers
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Just in time reference guide for adult healthcare providers treating pediatric patients. Includes clinical information for pediatric triage, vital signs, examinations, and assessments. 
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