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WRBDC Burn Surge Planning Toolkit
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This document provides guidance for healthcare coalitions, burn centers, state public health preparedness professionals, healthcare entities, and other stakeholders planning for a burn mass casualty incident (BMCI). A BMCI is defined as any burn incident where capacity and capability significantly compromises patient care. This plan identifies the experts and ..

WRBDC Burn Surge Exercise Toolkit
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This is an HSEEP consistent burn exercise template that can be use to develop materials for a tabletop exercise.

WRBDC Burn Injury Guidelines for Care
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The purpose of this document is to guide patient care and resources for single or multiple burn patients. Application of these guidelines will require and depend on clinician judgment at the point of patient care. This document is specifically written to ensure non-burn facilities are able to provide acute ..

WRAP-EM Telecritical Care Checklist
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This checklist is designed as a reminder of what issues need to be addressed prior to a Tele critical care engagement between hospitals for COVID-19 coverage. It can also be referenced for other telemedicine inititatives.

WRAP-EM Pediatric Surge Resource Table
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This excel table serves as a quick reference guide related to pediatric surge management resources across a wide variety of topics and operational levels. It is intended to function as a practical resource for pediatric surge management preparedness and response activities at all levels of disaster response; from a ..

WRAP-EM Pediatric Crisis Standards of Care Template version 2.0
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Provides references and information to develop pediatric crisis standards of care (CSC). Also outlines triggers of CSC and legal considerations.

WRAP-EM Pediatric Behavioral Health Essential Elements of Information
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Provides a list of questions to gather critical details needed to evaluate needs and response strategies. These essential elements of information (EEIs) can help generate a common operating picture across the incident regarding disaster mental health impacts when combined with mental health triage details.

WRAP-EM Legal Guide Version 2023
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A guide outlining legal and policy issues related to public health emergency declarations and healthcare response to disaster. Included are legal considerations from the COVID-19 pandemic, licensing, credentialing, and privileging, telehealth, idemnification, family reunification, data, etc.

WRAP-EM Kids In Crisis Initiative_Webinar Packet
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This resource is a summary of the webinar agenda, speakers, and resources for the Kids in Crisis Initiative webinar.

WRAP-EM JIT Quick Pediatric Reference Guide for Adult Healthcare Providers
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Just in time reference guide for adult healthcare providers treating pediatric patients. Includes clinical information for pediatric triage, vital signs, examinations, and assessments. 

WRAP-EM Cybersecurity Fact Sheet
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Key information on cybersecurity in healthcare

WRAP-EM Community Hospital Pediatric MCI Preparation
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Presentation preparing providers to respond to Active Shooter and other mass casualty incidents involving pediatric patients in their community.

WRAP-EM 2-pager_rev9May2024_JA-2
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Our Mission WRAP-EM develops regional pediatric disaster planning and response capabilities that effectively match resources to needs for a catastrophic incident. What We Do WRAP-EM establishes regional partnerships to enhance capability and capacity to provide highly specialized care to pediatric patients. Identify challenges, gaps, and needs for children in the midst of crisis everywhere. Create public, ..

Pediatric Telehealth Planning & Response Considerations
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The Telehealth Focus Group of WRAP-EM has developed an initial set of planning considerations and response for pediatric incidents. Although this list is not comprehensive of all considerations for preparedness and response activities, it does provide a primer for planners and response teams.

Pediatric Surge Tools from PDCOEs 10-26-22
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A presentation by WRAP-EM members outlining pediatric surge strategies and tools for staff, stuff, and space.

Pediatric Surge Resources List
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Brief descriptions and links to pediatric surge resources developed by WRAP-EM and other entities.

Pediatric Surge Recommendations and Resources 11.11.2022
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The recommendations and resources below were compiled by pediatric experts from the Pediatric Pandemic Network, Gulf 7 – Pediatric Disaster Network, Region V for Kids, the Western Regional Alliance for Pediatric Emergency Medicine, and the Emergency Medical Services for Children Innovation and Improvement Center. These ideas and resources are ..

Pediatric Medical Countermeasures Antidotes & Cytokines for Radiological & Nuclear Incidents 2024
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Children are particularly vulnerable in radiological and nuclear incidents and may need pharmaceutical countermeasures, including antidotes and cytokines. This study addresses the gap of pediatric countermeasures in research. It outlines pediatric indications and dosing of medical countermeasures for radiation exposure and internal contamination with radioactive materials: Advanced Hazmat Life ..

NPDC Response to ASPR TRACIE PediSurge Resource Request
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A response to California Hospital Association (CHA) Disaster Conference 2022 included pediatric presentations from PDCOEs and WRAP-EM. The document provides an overview of the presentation as well as links to resources

COVID-19 Vaccine Fact Sheet
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Burn Mass Casualty Incident MedPic App FAQs
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An FAQ sheet describing the Burn Mass Casualty Incident (BMCI) MedPic App. This app is for physicians who receive burn patients in a mass casualty scenario to confer with burn providers at a Burn Center within the American Burn Association (ABA) Western Region Burn Disaster Consortium (WRBDC) utilizing images.

Burn Injury Poster
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A poster demonstrating how to treat burns.

Burn Injury Guidelines for Care Pocket Guide Second Edition 61021
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As part of the ASPR grant, WRAP-EM developed a strategic partnership for improving pediatric burn disaster response capabilities throughout the region. The Western Region Burn Disaster Consortium (WRBDC,) based in Utah, consists of 26 burn centers that have united to support disaster response efforts throughout the western region. Key ..

Burn Injury Guidelines FAQs
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A list of answered questions realted to burns and the burn treatment guidelines.

Burn Buddy Badge
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Printable burn treatment card intended to be worn with provider badges.
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